As an exhibitor at This is Long Term Care 2023, you do hereby agree to indemnify and hold harmless the Ontario Long Term Care Association from all losses arising out of your use of the space as an exhibitor, including claims for financial loss, bodily injury, death, and property damage suffered by any attendee of the show, the show venue, any facility providing accommodations, and any person working within your booth or on behalf of your organization, resulting from the negligence or intentional acts of you, your employees, or those in law for which you are responsible. Further, at time of registration you will provide a valid insurance certificate showing the Ontario Long Term Care Association, as additional insureds with respect to your attendance at the This is Long Term Care 2023 Trade Show. Where applicable, you will provide evidence of not less than $2M general liability, $2M Non-Owned Automobile Liability, $2M Products and Completed Operations Liability, $2M Errors and Omissions Liability (where you will be providing professional services on the show floor), $2M Automobile Liability (where you will be displaying buses or automobiles on the trade show floor). Any exclusion for communicable disease will be clearly denoted on any evidence of insurance provided. You further agree and understand that it is your responsibility to insure all property you own, display, or for which you are legally responsible, and you will hold Ontario Long Term Care Association harmless for any loss to said property.

When to Submit Your Certificate of Insurance

After the date of booking your Exhibit, your organization must submit its Certificate of Insurance no later than 60 days out from the show.

For all Exhibits booked after August 22, 2023, your Certificate of Insurance is due three business days following your booking date.

How to Submit Your Certificate of Insurance

Please submit your completed Certificate of Insurance electronically to TiLTC@BrokerLink.ca.
Note: The certificate must include OLTCA with their address (below) in addition to your company information.

Ontario Long Term Care Association
c/o 500- 425 University Avenue
Toronto, ON M5G 1T6

Sample Certificate of Insurance

A sample Certificate of Insurance is available here for your reference.

Special Instructions

Your Certificate of Insurance must name Ontario Long Term Care Association as an additional insured with respect to your attendance and exhibition at This is Long Term Care. Other insurance requirements may be imposed if you intend to display automobiles or provide professional services on the trade show floor.


Your Exhibit registration is contingent on your company providing This is Long Term Care with a Certificate of Insurance. Your Exhibit will be marked tentative until your Certificate of Insurance has been received and approved by the event.

If your certificate is not approved or incomplete, you will be notified by a representative.

If your certificate is verified and approved, you will be notified by a representative and your Exhibit will be confirmed.