Frequently Asked Questions



Q: What will the virtual platform and my exhibit look like?
Take a look at these quick video tutorials of the entire virtual platform, including the virtual exhibits. View now to visualize what the Virtual Conference will look like!

Video Overviews:
What is the Virtual Lobby – Video
Where can I find Support & the Help Desk – Video
What is the Main Stage – Video
How do you access Breakout Session? – Video
What is the Delegate Scavenger Hunt / Gamification?Video
How does the Chat work? – Video
All about The Vault? – Video
How do delegates access by Exhibit? – Video
What is going on in the Social Lounge? – Video

Q: How will delegates access my virtual exhibit?

  •  If you’ve not taken a look at the VIDEO OVERVIEW, that may give you better insight to this question!
  • Delegates will enter the virtual platform in the lobby. From there they can select the Exhibit Hall and navigate through different exhibit rooms (aka screens). There is a maximum of six exhibits per screen.
  • In order to make your exhibit very accessible, there will also be an exhibit directory where delegates can click on your company logo and be brought to your exhibit screen.
  • See also “Gamification” below for delegate engagement incentive.

Q: What information will be uploaded to the virtual exhibit?

  • Logo in EPS. or AI. format.
  • One video file (this will play when delegates click on your exhibit).
  • Contact information.
  • PDF for download. For example: a brochure, flyer, etc. will be available for delegates to download when they click on your exhibit graphics. If you wish to have multiple PDF available please merge them into one document.
  • Brand guidelines and fonts can be provided also.



Q: Should the virtual exhibit be staffed all day?

  • Yes, at least one person should make themselves available for the two days to answer the chats.  The  program starts at 8:30am and the virtual exhibit hall will close at 4:30pm each day.

Q: What do the public chat rooms look like?

  • There will be public chat rooms set up for main stage, general conference and break out rooms which you can participate in that are public.
  • These chats are open to all delegates, sponsors and exhibitors and messages can be seen by everyone.
  • Public chats will be moderated by the OLTCA to ensure there are no inappropriate comments made.
  • Any inappropriate comments will be deleted and addressed ASAP.

Q: What do the private chats look like?

  • Private chat rooms for written communication will be available between exhibitors and delegates (or exhibitors and other exhibitors).
  • Each sponsor, exhibiting company and delegate will be able to communicate privately with each other through the chats.
  • Each company will have a private chat so that a delegate can engage with each company privately. i.e. I click on Exhibitor A and now I am able to engage with that representative privately from the chat or from your exhibit directly.
  • Private chats can only be assigned to one person from your organization. That means that that one individual will have to manage all chats that are started with their company.

Q: How many people from each company can chat with delegates privately using the chat feature?

The private chats are available for 1:1 only, meaning that only one representative can communicate with a delegate at a time.

Q: How do I register exhibit representatives to be part of the chats and monitor the exhibit?

  • You can send the name and email address of this individual to
  • If you’re doing ‘shifts’ or switching off people, they will just need to log into the virtual platform with those credentials. Log in information will be sent closer to the Conference.

Q: Is there a chat pop up notification to notify exhibitors if someone chats them?

  • Yes, the chat will flash (no sound) when a new comment is made in a chat (private and public).
  • Chats will be disabled at 4:30 PM each day (Oct 26-27) so that no delegate can engage with exhibitors after 5:00 PM and chats do not need to be monitored after this time.

Q: Can sponsors and exhibitors meet with delegates virtually face to face?

  • Yes, exhibitors are able to provide a third-party video conference link which can be embedded in your virtual exhibit.
  • This way, when delegates visit your virtual exhibit, they can connect with you via Zoom or other video conferencing platform to speak with you and/or your team face to face at their leisure throughout the day.
  • You can also choose to set up these video conferencing links as needed and provide them in private chats with delegates if you’d like to carry on the conversation face to face.
    NOTE – The set up and facilitation of these meetings are the sole responsibility of the sponsor or exhibitor. Links will need to be set up and provided in advance and must be monitored and run by the sponsor or exhibitor.
Q: Can I disable the chat feature?
  • The chat feature cannot be disabled, however the exhibitor can post a message saying they are unavailable


Q: Will there be any incentive for delegates to visit my exhibit?

  • The answer is yes! We will be doing our best to encourage delegates to visit all virtual exhibit.
  • A scavenger hunt will be put together where delegates will need to find hidden items within exhibit rooms and exhibits.
  • The prize for delegates who participate is a complimentary registration to This Is Long Term Care 2021. A draw will be done post-conference and the winner announced.
  • There is no action needed on your part for the scavenger hunt.


Q: What is available to Business Partners in regards to lead retrieval?

  • All exhibits will have a “drop off business card” function enabled at their virtual exhibit so that delegates can drop off their information to be contacted by you or another company representative.
  • Statistics will be provided on how many people click on your exhibit and what they look at when they do in excel 72 hours post-Conference. Example, how many video clicks etc.

If you have any questions on the go forward, please do not hesitate to contact Rebecca Darling,